Who are we?

How we define ouserlves

Transparency, seriousness, honesty and professionalism. These are our values when it comes to dealing with all our customers, be it a seller, buyer, tenant or landlord, because we are all people and we have to deal it this way.

With more than 40 years of experience in the real estate sector with our surnames as an insignia, Finques Blanch Roig has always given (and will continue to do so) a sense of tranquility for its clients. The TRANQUILITY of treating real estates as if their were our own, thus guaranteeing the best possible advice.

Our objective, to be YOUR TRUSTED AGENT

In our work, it is not just about doing a commercial job, but of guiding, advising and accompanying, whatever the circumstances so that everyone knows where we are and what will be the next steps to be taken.

Selling, buying or renting IT'S NOT A TRAUMA!

The changes are not frightening, it is the ignorance of where they'll take us. Always well informed, with transparency, clarity and looking for the best for our customers, we can make a flat path with a clear destination and without surprises.

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